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#6parks1day Round 2

So here I am back in Florida at the All Star Music Resort ready for Round 2 of #6parks1day.  The first time was mostly a success until I ran into a the winter storm that shut down Atlanta in January which delayed my return so I didn’t make my last criteria of total trip time.  The goals of the trip are to visit the 4 Disney parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) and the 2 Universal parks (Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios), ride at least 2 rides in each park, and do the whole trip in 36 hours from Knoxville.  The first part of the trip went well, making it to Orlando in 9 hours.  The fun starts tomorrow with EMH at EPCOT starting at 8 am. Look for tweets at the various rides and parks throughout the day to keep up with the progress.  I am off the bed to get rested up for all the walking and excitement.  Good night to all!

My new quest

I have been hinting at a new quest for a while now and I am finally ready to reveal it in the form of a new hashtag:


My goal is to drive from Knoxville to Orlando, visit all 4 Disney parks and both Universal parks all in one day (riding at least 2 rides in each), and drive back home.  And to do it in under 36 hours.  By far my most ambitious solo adventure yet.  There are a couple of keys in my mind to making it happen.

  • Epcot or Hollywood Studios needs to be first, since their biggest rides back up almost immediately after opening.
  • Staying onsite to take advantage of morning Extra Magic hours.

With that in mind, I have picked a day with Extra Magic hours at Epcot starting at 8 am and will be staying at the Pop Century resort.  This allow me to ride both Soarin’ and Test Track and make it to Hollywood Studios just in time for opening if I hustle.   Those two will be followed by Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, and finally the two Universal parks (not sure about the order of them yet)

I will be keeping everybody updated via Twitter throughout the day as to how it is going and where I am at.  I will provide more details and discuss ride choices at each park in the next couple of weeks prior to my trip.  I welcome any tips or suggestions that anyone has.  Talk to everybody soon!

The Thanksgiving Trip is on!

So it was decided several days ago that we are going to head to Disney on the Friday after Thanksgiving!!  Julie and I are both very excited as neither one of us have been to the Christmas festivities at Disney before.  We are getting to do both Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (complete with the newly added Jingle Cruise) and the Candlelight Processional at Epcot.  Also on the agenda is seeing the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom one more time before they move to their new theater, which is rumored to be taking place sometime after the beginning of the year.  We welcome any tips or suggestions for the Christmas festivities and I will be sure to post anything that we learn while we are down there.  I also plan on doing some scouting for my next big solo adventure that I have tentatively scheduled for the end of January.  This trip is going to involve hitting the six major parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure) all in one day.  Previous solo trips have involved just the Universal parks in the same day and I still need to post details about those trips.  Look forward to lots of details and pictures about the trip coming up starting on Friday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!