Great First Day at Diagon Alley

While I had great expectations for Diagon Alley, I can definitely say that they were exceeded and then some.  Starting with the London facade, including the Knight Bus and 12 Grimmauld Place, it pulls you in and once you are in it is all encompassing.  The tall buildings block out the outside world in a way that the original Hogsmeade does not.  And the shops are a level above as well.  I was surprised at how many new things that I wanted to buy considering that I have been coming down here since the beginning.  All that being said, I was amazed even more by Kings Cross station and the Hogwarts Express.  The attention to detail and making you feel like you are there is incredible and I can’t wait to ride again today.  Escape from Gringotts awaits so I have to head that.  More to come!

We made it!!

Kaswell and I made it down here to enjoy one more trip to Orlando. We are grabbing a bite to eat at Simpsons and then going to make our way over to Diagon Alley. May not make it onto Escape from Gringotts today but are going to look around and shop and definitely ride the Hogwarts Express. It is going to be awesome!!!